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Changzhou Taihe drying equipme... 2014/5/6
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New site opening test...... 2014/5/6
  Changzhou Taihe Drying Equipment CO.,Ltd. is a professional plant specializing in producing drying and thermal-energy equipment. It is established in 1998.It is located in urban area of Changzhou City, sharing convenient transportation. The company possesses floor area of 12000m2,complete equi... [Detailed]
Tai He
Scope of Operation

 ▲Oil, gas , coal-fired hot-ail furnace, Electro-heated hot-air furnace and industrial furnace.
 ▲Incinerator waste gas, waste liquid and solid waste incinerator.
 ▲Chamber oven, drying tunnel; with heat supply of oil, gas(liquefied petroleum gas, natural gas, city gas), coal, electrical power and steam.
 ▲The machine revolveing to model PVC plastics toy ball.
 ▲Coating Project
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